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What To Avoid When Gambling



As much as players are reminded that their main reason for playing slots and other games should be to have fun, there’s no getting away from the fact that they also want to win. While some of them are happy to take the outcome in their stride, others turn to superstitions, bad gaming habits and other things that are best avoided when gambling in their determination to beat the house.

The truth is that trying to find patterns in game results, chasing losses, and other activities are based on inaccurate ideas and misunderstandings of casinos, game rules, and other aspects of gambling. The following are some of the most important things to avoid when gambling.

Chasing Losses

To chase losses means to increase the size of your bet or to play for longer than planned or budgeted for, in the hope of winning enough to cover your losses. The nature of gambling means that, occasionally, chasing a loss will pay off, but in most cases, it results in nothing more than a bigger loss. There are no certainties in gaming, so it’s best to set a bankroll budget, loss and win limits, and a time limit on your sessions, and to stick to those limits.

Relying On Superstition

Whether players have a rabbit’s foot on their keyrings, wear red underwear, blow on the dice, or convince themselves that a machine is due to pay, superstition doesn’t pay off. The RNG software, Roulette wheels, and other gaming equipment in decent casinos will produce the results that appear, regardless of what anyone wears or carries in their pockets.

Paying For Tips

Players are more likely to be approached by someone who asks for money in exchange for gambling tips that falsely promise a guaranteed win in a land-based venue than in an online casino. If their tips really worked, they wouldn’t be trying to sell them for a few dollars – they’d be using them to win thousands, if not millions themselves! Rather than being bearers of good news for a price, they’re taking advantage of players who are desperate to win.

Playing Without Understanding

 Some players think that, because casino game results are random, they can play any game without learning the rules or understanding the bets because it “doesn’t really matter.” The problem with this approach is that ignorance of the rules, gameplay, and bets can lead to expensive mistakes.

A better approach is for players to learn as much as possible about their favourite games, to set and stick to budgets, to leave the results to chance, and above all, to have fun!

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