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Online Keno

If you’re a fan of lottery-style number draw games, there’s a good chance you’ll love playing Keno. The digital version of a game that has been played for thousands of years; online Keno lets you select several numbers on a grid before random number generation software produces the winning results.

When looking for the best online Keno casinos, choose a brand from among our recommendations. You’ll find top-quality games from award-winning licensed providers, world-class digital security features, and exciting bonuses that offer chances to enjoy more winning opportunities.

As straightforward as the game sounds, there is more to it. With the right information, tips, and tricks, you can make the most of your gaming sessions.


What we look for...

Our checklist when looking for the best online casinos for Keno action includes:

  • Valid licensing and thorough regulation
  • Game range
  • Banking methods and customer support
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Reliable software

History of Keno

The word Keno was derived from Latin or French and refers to five winning numbers. However, the game originated far away from France and Italy.

According to most sources, Keno was developed in ancient China. One of the most enduring stories about the game claims that it was used to raise funds to support the construction of the Great Wall of China. In 1847, Macau’s Portuguese government issued licenses to lottery operators.

Chinese immigrants brought the game to North America in the 19th century. The format was simplified, and the name was changed to the more familiar Keno. In the mid-1990s, online Keno was offered among the other games at the first web-based casinos.


Online Keno Casinos

We’ve done the hard work of finding the best Canadian online Keno casinos, so you don’t have to. Our top brands are powered by the best software, encrypted by world-class digital security solutions, and licensed and regulated to ensure fair results. They also offer generous bonuses. Choose from our top brands and play online Keno with peace of mind.

Best Casinos To Play Keno

Royal Vegas

Welcome Bonus up to C$1200


Select your lucky numbers at Royal Vegas and enjoy top-quality gaming that has thrilled players since 2000. Immerse yourself in mesmerising graphics and sound while you wait to see the winning results. Take advantage of generous bonuses and promotions and enjoy more action and entertainment.

All Slots Casino

C$1500 Welcome Bonus


Take your pick of the first-class gaming offerings at All Slots, an online Keno casino you can trust. Established in 2000 and licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, the brand gives you the option of playing your lucky numbers on computer or mobile at any time of the day or night. Claim bonuses and boost your bankroll so you can play more games.

Royal Panda

Welcome Bonus up to C$100


High-quality online Roulette is a big priority at the superbly run Royal Panda Casino. There’s a vast range of Random Number Generation (RNG) and live dealer options to choose from, covering European, French and American styles and adding their own special features and playing twists – while also offing sizable potential rewards.

Play OJO

50 Free Spins


Discover a tempting selection of immersive games, thrilling chances to win, bankroll-boosting bonuses, secure banking, and readily available customer support at PlayOJO. Sign up and login on computer or mobile, select your online Keno numbers, and see if the results turn you into a winner.

Keno In Canada: What We Look For

Casino-reviews-Tried and tested

We take our mission to find the best Keno online casinos for Canadians seriously. When assessing gaming sites, we check that they meet various criteria to ensure they offer fair play, protect players from scams, and deliver a first-class overall experience.


Safety and Security – We check that sites use cutting-edge 128-bit SSL software for trustworthy data encryption. You can be assured that your personal details are safe at the sites we recommend.


Customer Support – The best online casinos for Keno gaming offer 24-hour customer support. We make sure they have an FAQ page and that you can contact the support team via live chat and email.


Best Keno Bonuses – We make sure the gaming brands we recommend offer bonuses that are worth claiming. Not only should they be generous, they also should have reasonable terms and conditions such as expiry dates and wagering requirements.


Payment Methods – We check that online Keno casinos accept a range of payment methods such as digital wallets, credit cards, prepaid vouchers, and bank transfers.


Reputable Keno Casinos – Recommended Keno casinos are licensed and regulated by reputable authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

Keno Casino Games

You’ll find a variety of Keno casino games at our recommended sites:


Single Card Keno – When you play Single Card Keno games, you can select numbers on one card per game. You can choose up to 15 numbers in some games, and up to 20 in others. The winning results will be drawn as soon as you submit your ticket.


Multi Card Keno – Multi Card Keno casino games work on the same principle as single-card games – you choose numbers, submit your cards, and wait for the results. You get to decide how many cards to play per game. You can stick to one card, or you can select different numbers on up to 20 cards.


Power Keno – Power Keno follows the same basic rules as regular versions of the game. The big difference is that if the 20th ball drawn with the results matches one of your picks, your payout will be quadrupled.


Super Keno – Super Keno is similar to the Power version of the game. If the first ball drawn with the results matches one of your picks and you go on to see more matches, your payout will be quadrupled.


Progressive Jackpot Keno – A jackpot that gets bigger whenever players play the game for real money is one of the main attractions of Progressive Jackpot Keno games. In some games, you need to see 10 results with the J symbol to win the jackpot, while in others, results need to form a particular pattern.

Keno Guide

Keno is one of the simplest games you can play online. That said, learning more than the basics can help you elevate your gaming experience, which is where our Keno guide comes in.


Keno Strategy

While no strategy can guarantee wins, they can help you improve your chances of seeing matching numbers.


Keno Tips

Our top Keno tips can help you take advantage of the opportunities available.


Keno Rules

Learn the rules of the game so that you’re all set to start selecting your numbers.


How To Play Keno

Learn the basics of playing Keno on computer and mobile.


What are Keno Game Tickets?

You can choose from four different types of Keno game tickets when you play at top Canadian online casinos. Those four ticket types include:

Straight Tickets

The simplest of all Keno tickets, straight tickets are single tickets for one game. In some versions of online Keno, you can select up to 15 numbers. In others, you can select up to 40 numbers.

Split Tickets

You can make two straight bets on a split ticket. You’ll need to select different numbers for each of those bets.

Way Tickets

Use way tickets when you want to play the same numbers in multiple games. They’re easier than selecting the same numbers over multiple straight tickets.

Combination Tickets

You can combine multiple numbers and bets on a single ticket. This means you can play straight bets and way bets on one ticket.

Keno Glossary

Learn the meanings of the different terms used in the game with our handy Keno glossary.



Aggregate Limit

The total amount of money a casino pays out for a single Keno game.

Bank roll

The total amount of money you have to wager in a gaming session.


The amount of money you wager or the amount of money subject to loss in a game of Keno.


An unused Keno ticket.

Boc Hop Bu

A Cantonese name for Keno that was first used in the 1800s. A variant of the name is Puck-apu.


In land-based games, Keno balls are kept in a wire cage.


In land-based games, the caller is the casino employee who announces the results as they’re drawn.


A catch refers to a number on your Keno ticket matching one of the results.

Catch All

A type of Keno bet in which the results must match every number on your ticket.

Catch Zero

A type of bet in which the results must not match a single number on your ticket.


The moment between the hosts no longer accepting more bets and the results being drawn.


When you select two numbers that are next to each other on a Keno ticket, they’re known as a deuce.

Draw Sheet

The dealer’s face-up card in their original hand. Seeing this card can help you decide what your odds are, and what move to make.


The unmarked numbers on a Keno ticket.


The electronic board that displays results in games of Video Keno.


In land-based games, the goose is the part of the machine that picks up balls through the tube.

High End Ticket

In land-based games, the goose is the part of the machine that picks up balls through the tube.


A hit is when a result matches a number on your ticket.


The house is another name for the casino.

House Edge

The theoretical percentage of all bets the casino can expect to win over a period of time.

Keno Balls

Balls marked with numbers that are drawn to produce the results of a Keno game.

Keno Board

The electronic board that displays results in Keno games. Most new boards in land-based venues are LED.

Keno Lounge

In land-based casinos, the Keno lounge is the area in which players can sit, mark their tickets, and watch the balls being drawn.

Live Keno

Live Keno refers to regular Keno games played with tickets and balls, rather than online Keno.


Marks on Keno tickets indicating your number selection. Marks can be made by hand using a pen or by a machine, such as when you choose Quick Pick.


The time during which the counter is open for players to submit tickets and place bets.

Multi Game Ticket

A ticket that is valid for multiple Keno games.

Pay Any Catch Ticket

A ticket that offers a payout for any and all matches, regardless of how many other results don’t match your selection.

Pay Table

A chart that indicates the payout for each match.

Punch Outs

In land-based games, a punch out is a sheet of paper that shows the results of the previous game. The paper has holes punched in it to make it easier for you to check your ticket.


A payout equal to the amount of money you bet.

Quick Pick

A ticket with numbers chosen randomly by RNG software at your request.

Random Number Generator

A Random Number Generator (RNG) is software that uses an algorithm to randomly select the results of Keno games.


A number marked on a Keno ticket.

Straight Ticket

A ticket with a single selection of numbers to be played in one Keno game.


A piece of paper featuring 80 numbers on which you select your numbers.


A series of Keno games organized by a casino as a contest between players.

Video Keno

Keno played on a gaming machine similar to a slot machine or Video Poker. The results are produced by RNG.

Way Ticket

A ticket featuring more than two bets.

Winning Numbers

The 20 numbers drawn by hand or produced by RNG in a Keno game.


In land-based venues, the writer accepts your bet, produces your ticket, and pays out winnings.

Keno Rules

The rules of online Keno are wonderfully uncomplicated:


Keno is a game of chance in which bets and payouts are based on calculations of percentages.


Find a Keno game you want to play at a recommended casino and then decide how much you want to bet before you select between 1 and 20 numbers on the grid of 80 numbers – the number of selections you can make may vary from casino to casino.


Select the play button to submit your ticket and trigger the production of results by the RNG software. The results will appear on the screen, and if any match your selection, the game software will mark them.


Your payout will be calculated by the game software if results match the numbers you selected.

Keno Bets Explained

You can choose from four different types of Keno game tickets when you play at top Canadian online casinos. Those four ticket types include:


Straight Bets – Like straight tickets, straight bets are the simplest of Keno bets. They’re a wager on a single selection of numbers in one game.


Way Bets – Way bets are bets on different groups of numbers in one game. For example, you can make three different selections of numbers, giving you three different opportunities to win in one game.


Quick Pick – If you choose the Quick Pick option, the game software’s RNG will select numbers for you.


How Much are Aces Worth?  Aces count as 11 or 1, depending on what works best in the hand.

Keno Strategy Tips

Strategies cannot guarantee Keno wins, as the game results are produced by RNG software that’s tested regularly for fairness. Use the following strategy tips to enhance your gaming experience:


Know The Rules – One of the best tips for playing Keno or any other casino game is to learn the rules. The last thing you want to do is to make mistakes that could lead to disappointment or a smaller bankroll.


Understand The Payouts – Learn how the payouts are related to number matches in Keno games. That way, you can select the amount of numbers that offer the best chances of winning decent payouts.


Manage Your Bankroll – Good bankroll management is a key aspect of responsible gambling. Set deposit, bet, win, and loss limits and stick to them to ensure you have enough funds for every gaming session.


Practice With Free Play Before Depositing – If you’re new to playing Keno or to a specific Keno game, practice with free play before depositing and wagering real money. This gives you a chance to get used to the rules, the types of tickets and bets, how the payouts work, and any unique game features.


Select Between 4 And 8 Numbers – There are 80 numbers in a standard Keno grid. Choosing many numbers does increase your chances of seeing matches, but that can mean smaller payouts. A small selection of numbers means your chances of seeing matches are lower, even if the potential payouts are higher. Choosing between 4 and 8 numbers gives you a relatively good chance of seeing matches and winning decent payouts.


Play At Reputable Casinos Only – Playing at reputable online casinos is the best way to ensure you get fair Keno game results, can claim generous bonuses, and your personal details are protected from data theft.


Play At Reputable Casinos Only – Playing at reputable online casinos is the best way to ensure you get fair Keno game results, can claim generous bonuses, and your personal details are protected from data theft.

List Of Keno Payouts

Keno payouts are determined by how many results match the numbers on your tickets. The more matches you see, the bigger the payout. However, the odds of seeing many matches are steep. Checkout out our list of Keno payouts idea for a better idea of how matches and odds work.

Real Money Keno Vs Free Play

Real Money Games


Free Games

When playing Keno for real money, you bet your own money. This means each game you play has a greater element of risk.

There’s no risk of losing money when you play online Keno for free in demo mode.

Real money Keno offers chances to win small, large, and huge payouts.

There’s no chance of winning real money payouts when you play free Keno games.

The possibility of winning or losing money means real money Keno games can be more exciting and thrilling.

Free-play Keno offers you the chance to relax without worrying about possibly losing money.

You’re more likely to stick to safer strategies when playing online Keno for real money.

You can try out different strategies, number selections and ticket types when playing Keno for free.

Online Keno FAQ

Yes, live dealer Keno games are available at some online casinos we recommend for players based in Canada.

You should try online casino Keno games because they’re similar to playing the lottery. They’re easy to play, highly entertaining, and offer tantalizing potential winnings.

Yes, Keno is available on mobile devices. Games powered by award-winning software providers are optimised for Android, iOS, and other smartphones and tablets.

The Keno games we recommend are licensed by respected authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

The answer depends on your personal preferences. We prefer licensed games powered by top-quality software providers, as we know we are guaranteed to get fair results.


Lottery-style online Keno offers simple gameplay that packs in a huge amount of excitement and thrilling chances to win real money. Give the game a try, select your numbers, and see if they turn out to be lucky at the best Canadian online casinos.