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Online Bingo in Canada

If you’re interested in playing Online Bingo in Canada, you’re in the right place! The game has a long history and is a hit all around the world, and with our guidelines, you will soon see why. Here at, we will tell you everything you need to know, including how Online Bingo works, tips and tricks for winning, and which Bingo sites you should sign up with for the very best entertainment experience.

Our main goal is to ensure that you always enjoy the best possible Online Bingo in Canada, and we take this commitment very seriously.


What we look for...

When we’re choosing which Online Bingo sites to recommend, our review team looks at several criteria to make sure we select the best options, including:

  • Diversity of Banking Methods
  • Overall Reliability and Security
  • Available Bonuses and Promotions
  • Quality of Online Bingo Games.
  • Reliable and Efficient Customer Support

Best Online Bingo Sites

Canadians are spoilt for choice when it comes to Online Bingo sites. If you’re not sure where you should play, you can’t go wrong with our top 5 Bingo recommendations listed below:

500% 1st Deposit Offer


Exclusive games, Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal options, fantastic Bingo tournaments and a host of other casino games make Bingo Fest a clear winner. The attractive, user-friendly interface is ideal for players in Canada and around the rest of the world.

C$30 Free Bonus


Bingo Billy has been going since 2006 and is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Gaming Commission. Over the years this site has won several awards and is themed on Billy herself. You’ll learn all about this Bingo-loving, Florida-born character in the About section on the website and it really does add an element of fun to your gameplay – not that you need any more excitement considering the wide range of Bingo rooms on offer!

C$20 Plus 40 Free Spins


A lively player community, great customer support and a huge range of Bingo games available 24 hours a day make this establishment as relevant today as it was when it launched back in 1996. A stalwart in the industry, Cyber Bingo always delivers!

Deposit C$10 Get C$50 Bonus


With over a decade of experience and a licence from the esteemed UK Gambling Commission, it’s no wonder Wink Bingo has won multiple awards. Check out their daily Jackpots and extensive 90-ball, 80-ball and Extra Bingo games and you’ll understand why it’s rated tops.

Bingo Through Time

Bingo is a casino game with a rich history, and it dates all the way back to the 1530s! It has it’s roots in Italy, but it was only when it made its way to America in the 20th Century that it really took hold and became popular.

When the first online casino went live in 1994, Bingo wasn’t amongst the online casino games on offer, but it didn’t take long for this game to go digital. In 1996 the very first free Bingo game went online, and from there a variety of online real money Bingo games were developed for Bingo players around the world to enjoy.


Did You Know: Bingo in the early 1900’s was called Beano since the beans were used as counters. So how did Beano become Bingo you may ask? The story goes that Lowe would play the game with his friends to make this game more popular. Apparently one of his friends – in her excitement with winning – shouted “Bingo!” instead of “Beano!”… and so this popular game begins….

Bingo Online: What We Look For

Casino-reviews-Tried and tested

When you’re deciding where to play Bingo online make sure you choose from our list of recommended operators. That way you can trust you’ll enjoy world-class entertainment and customer service because we always check the following factors before posting an online Bingo review on our site:


Variety in the Bingo games to accommodate every Bingo players’ taste and mood.


A large, diverse range of banking methods to cater to as many players as possible.


Competitive Bingo bonuses that are generous to both new and existing site members.


Exceptional customer service, that is preferably available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Stringent security and privacy protection, including SSL encryptions of all communications and banking transactions.

Different Types of Bingo Games

Over time, several versions of Bingo games have been developed. As you continue to play, you’ll find out which of these options you most prefer:


75-Ball Bingo Games – These games are played on a 5×5 grid and balls are drawn from a lot of 75. You can win with a single line going vertically, horizontally or diagonally, or with 2 vertical or parallel lines or 2 diagonal lines forming an “X”. The winning pattern might also be to cover all numbered squares.


80-Ball Bingo Games – Players use a 4×4 grid in 80-Ball Bingo, with a pool of 80 balls. Vertical, diagonal and horizontal lines, daubing each of the four corners, or having all numbers daubed out can be the designated winning patterns.


90-Ball Bingo Games – Up to 90 balls can be drawn and called in a 90-ball game, and the grid has 3 rows and 9 columns. You can win if you cover 1, 2 or all 3 horizontal lines.


Social Bingo Games – These might be 75-, 80- or 90-ball games, and have more emphasis on socialising and having fun. Payouts are absent or very low, you can chat with other players, and the games are often themed.

Your Online Bingo Guide

Get familiar with online Bingo basics, using our handy guidelines created by our CFY Bingo team


Bingo Strategy

Bingo may be largely a game of luck, but we’ve shown you how to use simple strategies to boost your wins.


Bingo Tips

We want you to win more often, so we feature top tips to maximize your online Bingo enjoyment.


Bingo Rules

While online Bingo is very straightforward there are a few important rules. To help you out we’ve covered them all.


How To Play

Playing online Bingo is simple if you stick with us. We explain how to play popular versions of the game.


How to Play Online Bingo

Follow these 5 simple steps to play great online Bingo:


Choose a Bingo site, register your account, deposit funds, and select which game you want to play. You can choose a specific game and wait for the next round to start or visit the “Bingo Rooms” section to see which games are about to begin.


Check the jackpot amount and ticket price before you start to make sure that the game is profitable.


Decide how many tickets you want to play with at a time, depending on your budget and how many cards you can manage.


Sit back and chat to other players, while you wait for your numbers to be called. When that happens, daub your ticket. You can do this yourself or select the Auto-Daub feature to make sure you don’t miss any.


As soon as you complete the pattern, select the BINGO If you’re first to do this, you’ve won!

Online Bingo Rules

Depending on the type of Bingo game you’re playing, the rules may differ slightly. However, beginners should always bear the 5 following things in mind:


Check the requirements of the game you are playing first. Different sites have different rules and you need to ensure you know what to do to win.


Be ready when the game starts or make use of the auto dauber if you cannot commit your full attention.


Always be polite in the Chat Room – to the other players and the host.


Only play at sites that offer legal, licensed games.


Have fun!

Online Bingo Odds

Luck plays a huge part in this game, but there are several factors that influence the outcome which you can use to tip the online Bingo odds in your favour:

Bingo Cards

Buying multiple cards can improve your chances, especially if you have significantly more tickets than other players. Choose cards that cover as many calls as possible to further boost your odds.

Number of Players

The number of players in a Bingo game influences your chances of winning as well as how large the jackpot payout will be. Try to find a balance between these two factors.

Calls and Card Patterns

The more balls there are in a Bingo game, the more potential calls and the more chances you have of winning. The complexity of the card pattern also affects your odds – the more intricate they are, the harder they’ll be to land but the more they’ll pay out if you do!

Bingo Game Strategy

Remember, as we’ve already mentioned, Bingo is a game largely based on chance. However, shrewd players can increase their chances of winning and landing a payout with a few key strategies. We’ve listed them below.


Play Chat Games

Most sites reward online Bingo players with lucrative bonuses for participating in their chatrooms. You can use these bonuses in real money games, and then keep whatever you win.


Manage Your Bankroll – Prolong the Game:

In other words, manage your bankroll over an extended period of time. This means you spread your bets as far as possible, giving you more chances of winning.


Withdraw Your Deposit Amount as Soon as Possible

This ensures that you’re playing with pure profits, so everything in your account is essentially Bingo


Look for BOGOF Games

To allow risk-free playing, look for BOGOF games where you’ll get 2 rounds of Bingo for the price of 1.

Tips Icon for home page

Tip:   How to extend your bankroll? Decide on a percentage to wager on each round, so that you reduce or increase your stakes as your overall bankroll size goes down or up. Assess your total budget and how long you want to play for, to decide how much you can spend at once.

Bingo Game Tips

Want to increase your chances of being the first to press the BINGO button even more? Follow these tips:


Choose the Bonus that Matches Your Level of Experience – You’ll soon see that there are several games of Bingo to discover online. The various bonuses that they offer cater to different players with more or less skill and experience. For instance, as a new player, look out for generous Welcome Bonuses. These give you extra funds for free and allow you to play and experiment on the site.


Always Read the Bonus and Promotion Terms and Conditions Carefully – For example, some bonuses are “sticky” meaning you’re allowed to draw the money you win with the bonus credit, while others are “non-sticky” and do not allow you to withdraw these funds. Also, the playthrough requirements (how many times you need to bet the bonus amount before you can withdraw it) must be reasonable and you must be able to use the bonus funds within the stipulated time frame. Otherwise, no matter how attractive the offer is, it won’t work for you.


Play Both Lower-Value and Progressive Jackpot Games: By combining these 2 formats and playing at off-peak as well as peak times, you’ll increase your odds overall. On top of giving you a better shot at winning, this tactic also allows you to extend your online Bingo time so you can have more fun.

Online Bingo Glossary

All the Online Bingo terms you need to know.



After Games:

The games played after a regular Bingo session.

Any Way:

The winning pattern can be completed in any direction on the Bingo card.


Every square on the Bingo card must be called for players to win.


An especially fast game where the numbers are called as quickly as possible.

Cash Ball:

A progressive jackpot, paid out when BINGO is called.

Chat Host (CH):

Some online games are moderated in real time by a Chat Host. The Host also keeps conversation flowing and fun in the Chat Rooms.

Cookie Jar:

The container holding the cash prize!


Another word for “Blackout”.

Free Space:

The Bingo card’s middle square, which has no number in it.

Lucky Jar:

Another Word for “Cookie Jar”.


Another word for “Blowout”.


Bingo game played outside of the regular session.

Wrap Up:

The last game in a Bingo session.

Online Bingo Canada FAQs

Playing Bingo online is simple. You just need to register with a trustworthy site and use your mouse (or finger on a touchscreen) to daub out your squares as your numbers are called. When you’re ready, click or tap the BINGO button.

Yes, online Bingo games are legal in Canada. Just make sure you play at a reputable site to protect your funds as well as your personal details.

The easiest way to be sure that a Bingo site is safe is to choose an operator from our list of vetted recommendations! Otherwise, check that it holds an in-date licence from a trusted regulator. This should be easy to find, on the homepage or in the About Us section.

There’s no single best game; your choice will depend on how much time you have, and what your personal preferences are.

The BOGOF acronym stands for Buy One Get One Free and means that for each Bingo game you play, you’ll be able to enjoy another for free.

In Conclusion: Start Enjoying Online Bingo Now!

Now that you’ve seen how entertaining and simple online Bingo is, it’s time to try it out for yourself. Choose a site from our recommendations and pick your favourite type of Bingo from the on offer. Don’t forget to take advantage of the bonuses!