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New deadmau5 Online Slot From Microgaming


Casinosforyou-deadmau5 Online Slot-news

Online casino software developers Microgaming have earned themselves an excellent reputation for their branded online slots. Now, their latest energetic reel-spinning release features none other than music icon deadmau5 as the star of the show.

The new online slot was created as a team effort by the Canadian electronic music DJ and Eurostar Studios. deadmau5 is currently available exclusively at top rated Microgaming-powered casinos like JackpotCity, and can be played on desktop and mobile.

A Musical Slots Tribute

Joel Thomas Zimmerman makes a habit of wearing his “mau5head” whenever he’s performing as deadmau5, playing progressive house music. However, he’s a man of many talents, and works as a producer, DJ, and musician in techno under the alias of Testpilot too. Now, he can add online slots personality to the mix.

The branded online slot named after his EDM persona incorporates the Grammy-nominated electronic dance music star’s incredible music and logo. It also makes use of mesmerising images from the DJ’s 2020-21 Cube v3 tour.

Zimmerman was rapturous about the release of the deadmau5 game, saying that he spent a lot of time enjoying real money action during his Las Vegas residency. He’s ecstatic to have been immortalised in his own game.

What to Expect from deadmau5 Slot

Microgaming’s deadmau5 online slot features 243 Ways to Win and a dazzling array of special features. There are Cube Scatters and Rolling Reels™, with the Scatters able to trigger 10, 20, or 25 free spins, along with a multiplier of as much as 10X. Pulsating techno and dance music features heavily in the game, with five women dancing making up one of the slot’s higher paying icons.

The Scatter symbol is the famous mau5head, and the Wild is the game logo. Lower value icons are made up of the 4 card suits, all featuring neon outlines. It’s a visual feast and its perfectly pays homage to deadmau5’s brand.

As an added perk, online slots players can look forward to the debut of a new feature on this 5X3 reel slot. Called Drop the Wild™, when activated it can turn the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th reels totally Wild and guarantee a win.

Microgaming Thrilled With deadmau5 Slot

Commenting on the new release, Andrew Booth, Microgaming’s Director of Games, described deadmau5 as one of the most thrilling electronic music artists in history. Adding that he is also one of the most successful, Booth commented that the music he makes is hugely popular with audiences all over the globe, extending far beyond genre.

Booth spoke of how delighted his company was to work with the music maestro to create the branded title, and how Eurostar Studios have been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with too. He added that the game’s done superbly during its exclusive release period with a few select operators. Now, you can join in the fun too when you sign up at JackpotCity Casino and spin the reels of deadmau5!

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