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Online Gambling Superstitions Around The World

Whatever science has to say about superstitions, many gamblers around the world can be described as superstitious, even if they laugh about keeping a lucky charm in their pockets or purses. Luck has been associated with land-based and online gambling for years – if not millennia – and depending on various circumstances, it can be good or bad.

Even though there’s no proof that luck is real, many gamblers still do what they can to minimise bad luck and to attract the good stuff.

Take a look at a few gambling superstitions from around the world. You might just be inspired to try one or two yourself and see if they make a difference to your gaming.

1. Lucky And Unlucky Numbers – Canada

Even though Canada is not the only country in the world in which players believe in lucky and unlucky numbers, the superstition is common here.

Two of the most important numbers associated with good and bad luck are 7 and 13, and they’re rooted in the popular culture of old Christian Europe.

The number 7, which is associated with completeness and perfection in the bible, is regarded as a lucky number. You can see the number in a prominent place on the pay tables of many online casino slots.

The number 13 is associated with bad luck. One of the reasons for this is that Jesus Christ had 12 apostles. Altogether, there were 13 people in the group. Judas, the apostle who was traditionally assigned to the 13th place, betrayed him, resulting in his crucifixion. When playing table games such as Roulette, many players refuse to bet on the number 13.

2. Wearing Red – China

Wearing red is a longstanding gambling superstition in China, as the colour symbolises luck, joy, and wealth. Chinese gamblers don’t necessarily dress from head to toe in red. Some wear red socks, a red tie, or even red underwear. The superstition goes beyond gambling. At weddings, guests give the happy couple money in red envelopes.

Don’t look good in red? Don’t let that stop you if you’re enjoying online gambling at home, as you won’t be mingling with other players who’ll give you judgy looks.

3. Lucky Charms – England

Some English gamblers are among those who believe that lucky charms can influence the outcomes of the casino games they play. Those beliefs spread to gamblers in former British colonies such as Australia, South Africa, and parts of the United States.

A few of the most popular lucky charms include four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, and a rabbit’s foot. Some gamblers have personal lucky charms, such as a piece of jewellery they received from a family member or a medal of their patron saint.

4. Itchy Hands – Serbia

In Serbia, some gamblers believe that itchy hands are a sign that money will come their way. If they experience itchiness in their hands, they head to their nearest land-based venue or they log in to their favourite online casino to play slots or other games.

That said, some gamblers in Bulgaria believe that itchy hands are a sign that they will lose money. If they have itchy hands, gambling is the last thing they’ll do. The big question here is what itchy hands mean to you – good luck, bad luck, or a sign that you might need to visit your doctor?

5. Crossing Legs – Australia

Like many other gamblers around the world, some players in Australia believe that crossing your legs when wagering is a big no-no. The basic belief is that crossing legs cancels out good luck, in that it’s a symbolic rejection of all the good opportunities that might come their way.

The opposite to this superstition is crossing the fingers on one or both hands, which some gamblers in Australia and further afield attracts good luck.

6. Black Cat Oil – USA

Black cat oil became a popular charm for gamblers in 18th and 19th century New Orleans, a city in which voodoo and hoodoo were practiced widely. The oil remains a popular charm for good luck among American players who enjoy land-based and online gambling. They use the oil by rubbing it into their pulse points or by soaking a cottonwool ball in it and carrying the ball in their pocket or purse.

Modern versions of black cat oil are made with clary sage, bay leaves, myrrh, iron filings or bits of steel woold, and a few hairs shed from a live black cat.

We can’t vouch for any of these superstitions, as the results of online casinos games from the best providers are produced by tried and tested random number generators (RNG).

However, if you want to try them out for yourself, go for it – maybe there is something to them!

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