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Online Casino Myths Debunked

Whatever the form gambling takes, the activity has always had its detractors. Among them are the conspiracy theorists who are only too happy to keep popular online casino myths alive and well. Whether they’re convinced dealers can choose when to stop Roulette wheels or that some slots never pay out, they’d almost be willing to bet that the house is determined to lessen players’ chances of winning.

Keep reading to find out why those myths, which are also spread about land-based casinos, are little more than conspiracy theories.

1. You Have Better Chances Of Winning On Slots In A Busy Casino

One of the most prevalent casino myths is that you have better chances of winning on slots in a busy casino than in a quiet one. It’s true that more players win in busy gaming venues, but that’s only because there are more people playing more games.

Whether you play a particular game in a busy or quiet venue, the house edge and Return To Player percentages remain the same, which means you chances of winning are the same.

2. A Large Win Is Coming If A Slot Hasn’t Paid Out In A While

Some folk think that slots that haven’t paid out in a while, a large payout looms in the near future. This popular online casino myth almost sounds as though the game knows that it hasn’t paid out and needs to produce a large win to prove that it still can perform.

The reality is that every spin is an isolated random event, thanks to the Random Number Generation (RNG) software that produces results. The game doesn’t know that it hasn’t paid out in a while – and when it does eventually pay out again, there’s no guarantee the win will be big.

3. Some Roulette Dealers Have The Skills To Stop The Wheel

A longstanding myth about Roulette games is that some dealers have the skills to stop the wheel where they want. Conspiracy theorists add that those dealers allegedly do this to avoid large payouts for players.

This simply is not true. There’s more to the mechanism than a spinning wheel. The wheel contains slots divided by frets. By spinning the ball in the opposite direction to the wheel’s spin, the dealer actually ensures it bounces and ricochets around the wheel. The action of the ball means that, even if the dealer did stop the wheel, the ball would continue to move before landing in one of the slots. No dealer on earth has the skill to influence the ball’s momentum at that stage.

4. A Streak Of Red Roulette Wins Means A Black Win Is Due

A popular online casino myth concerning Roulette games is that a streak of red wins means a black win will follow soon, and vice versa. The truth is that no previous win has an impact on the probabilities of the following win.

Whether players play the game with live dealers, or they choose a game run by RNG software, the odds begin anew with every spin of the wheel.

5. Casinos Pump Oxygen Onto The Gaming Floor To Prevent Players From Feeling Tired

In 2006, the BBC published an article that claimed casinos in Las Vegas pumped oxygen and pheromones onto the gaming floors to keep players awake and to encourage them to bet more aggressively. The myth has been repeated over and over again, and not just about Sin City casinos.

This myth is exactly that – a myth. Increasing oxygen levels like that in a building is a fire hazard. Plus, there’s no evidence that more oxygen or pheromones can influence players’ habits when gambling.

6. You Can Improve Your Poker Hand By Switching Seats

A popular myth in land-based casinos is that Poker players can improve their hands by switching to another seat. This simply isn’t true, as the cards are shuffled and dealt anew at the start of every game, which means the probabilities start afresh. Seat order makes no difference when it comes to getting the cards you want.

The only time it makes sense to switch seats when playing with other players at a table is when you know who the most aggressive player is. If you can identify the player, sit on their left. The reason for this is that they will act before you do, which gives you an idea of how much it will cost you to stay in the game.

If you still aren’t convinced that casinos aren’t tampering with air quality and that dealers aren’t controlling Roulette wheel spins, give yourself some peace of mind by playing at popular online casinos that use tried and tested RNG software to produce game results.

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