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Best Online Slots from Microgaming this October

Thanks to Microgaming’s Best Online Slot games this October, Canadian players are in for a different kind of Trick or Treat this Halloween.

October 12 - Squealin’ Riches


Squealin’ Riches is an amazingly entertaining online slots from PearFiction Studios and will be available to all players from the 12th October.

The aim of this game is quite simple, fill up the golden piggy banks with Gold and coins when they land on the reels. You never know, with top Jackpot of up to an astounding 10,000x the wager up for grabs, you might have yourself a life changing experience when filling the piggy banks.

Last but not least this Casino Online Slot includes several bonus features including a LockNWin mechanic and 1,024 ways to win – making this slot worthy to try for both new and experienced players.


October 14 - Dragon’s Breath


This time it is the turn of our friends from Rabcat that bring you big release with their mythical adventure Dragon’s Breath online slot. With 5×5 reels available to players of Dragon’s Breath, with a cluster pays system that forms winning combinations e.g. 6+ matching symbols that touch. This casino game with its wilds, free spins, and double/triple, scatters spins is guaranteed to be fun.

The star of this fantastic game is a dragon, red and gold in colour. It’s a manageable game, comfortable on the eyes, but, sadly, it’s not going to give you the same rewards that some of the other games can deliver.


October 19 - WWE Legends: Link&Win

WWE-Legends-slot-logo-for-news-articleNothing in the world can ramp up the adrenaline like the sheer magic of WWE Wrestling. The excitement is running high as we wait for the latest online slots game to hit the reels from All41Sudios.

If you are already a fan of the actual WWE Wrestling matches then you will recognise some of the legends features in this game… who knows, your favourite Pro might just show up. Legends include Eddie Guerrero Viva La Raza‘, Steve Austin ‘And That’s The Bottom Line! Macho Man Randy Savage ‘Ooh, yeah!‘.

WWE Legends Link & Win is a highly volatile slot, when three or more matching symbols land across a payline it will pay out. This occurs as often as 1 spin in 4. The hit frequency has been measured at a staggering 28.49%. The RTP depends on the operator, and one operator has shown the most generous theoretical return, a value of 96.4%.


October 21 - Leprechaun Links

Leprechaun-Links-slot-logo-for-news-articleAs the luck of the Irish would have it Slingshot Studios swings right in and brings us Leprechaun Links.

This one is well worth the wait as we all know that nothing entertains like the Leprechauns when they hit the reels. This is yet another of Slingshots’ feature-rich winners that is bound to entertain players with lots of Power-up mechanics, rewarding Free Spins and Super Stacked Symbols.


October 26 - Chronicles Of Olympus X UP

Chronicles-Of-Olympus-Xup-slot-logo-for-news-articleIf you are fascinated by Greek Mythology the you will most definitely not be disappointed by what the team from Alchemy Games is bringing to the proverbial table.

There is a potential of big wins that players can expect with the free spins feature as well as expanding Wilds appearing on reels during the game not to mention a premium high-volatility, collectable X UP tokens, an UPSIZER Modifier giving players an amazing online slots experience. 


October 28 - 9 Masks Of Fire Hyperspins


Closing off the month of October, Players will be able to set their masks on fire with the latest online slots game from Gameburger Studios.

9 Masks of Fire is the exact same game, except that this version comes with a bolted-on HyperSpins feature to shoot this game to the next level. It can most certainly help you to land more masks, plus the added bonus that it will not necessarily cost you more for a nice upgraded win either.


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